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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Dems Already Lining Up for 2008

Bush hasn't even been inaugurated yet and us Democrats are already trying to figure out who are next candidate should be. I, for one, do not have clean hands. I too have submitted to the temptation of presidential politics .. albeit almost four years before Election Day 2008. I have started doing volunteer onling organizing for the Draft Mark Warner movement. Mark Warner, of course, is the young Governor of Virginia who has an approval rating above 60%.

In the latest issue of Newsweek there is a fascinating interview with John Kerry about the election and his future. I think Kerry has handled himself pretty well post-November 2. Many people within the party remain loyal to the Junior Senator from the Bay State, and so his is a name that has to be brought up when the conversation turns to the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary.

I read recently (can't remember where) that -- and this is three years out, remember -- right now Kerry and Hillary are the presumptive front-runners. At this time last time around, it seemed like either Gore or Lieberman were the obvious choices. So much for conventional wisdom.

Besides Kerry, Clinton (that's Hillary, not the Big Dog), my personal favorite Warner, there are other candidates, many of whom are very impressive people.

Besides Warner, my top pick is probably Joe Biden. He is just a great guy who I really admire, and the Democrat who has the most credibility on national security and foreign policy issues.

You also have presumptive candidates like Bill Richardson, John Edwards (though it will be hard now that he doesn't ... well .. have a job), Tom Vilsack (he will make the Iowa Caucuses irrelevant ... and that's a good thing) and Wesley Clark (assuming the General decides for another shot, which is obviously no lock .. nothing is a lock three years out from the first primary); along with potential candidates like Russ Feingold (similar to Dean, but it will be harder to label him a "liberal" like they did to the Good Doctor), Tom Dashcle (believe it or not, he wants to run), Barack Obama ('12 or '16 seems more likely, but you never know), Ed Rendell (he has said he is running for re-election, but he could always make a late entry), Harold Ford, Jr. (he has already announced an '06 senate run, so this is beginning to seem unlikely), Kathleen Sebelius (made some noise as possible Kerry VP, could help in the Plains), Mike Easely (Governors from the South -- Democratic ones that is-- are hard to come by) and I'm sure I am forgetting someone .. perhaps the eventual candidate him or herself. But it is forty six months to Election Day and I already can't wait to take my country back. Onward to 2008!


Blogger BloodandInk said...

I realize your blog isn't supposed to be unbiased, as evidenced from the title. Seeing as how Mark Warner has been my governer for a few years now, I just thought it... odd that he would be considered for the nomination when he's grossly mishandled so much at the state level.

While it's true we aren't in the red anymore, it hasn't come without a cost. The sales tax has been raised .5%. There's been an increase in the tobacco tax as well, and the car tax - something that was supposed to be eliminated within Warner's first year in office - still exists. The car tax debacle is debatable, given the merits of why Warner chose not to end it immediately. But there isn't an excuse as to why it's still in place, given our new found black marks in the books. My taxes have gone up since he has been in office. I'm referring to my state income tax and not the federal income tax. I'm not wealthy in any sense of the word, either.

This is to say nothing of the blunders of the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Virginia Public Schools. Millions of dollars have been wasted on several superflous road projects in the Hampton Roads and Alexandria areas, and three major projects have run at least a year over their scheduled end. At least one project has been delayed indefinately. Warner vowed to find those responsible and clean up the mess. That was about 8 months ago, if memory serves. 4 months past when they were scheduled to be completed in the first place. No public firings yet.

Teachers still lack adequate pay and benefits. A national problem, to be certain, but one that Warner could've influenced, and one he chose to ignore publicly, when directly questioned.

Can Mark Warner be blamed for all these things, as well as those that have gone unmentioned for brevity's sake? Of course not. He is one man. However, it is a testament to his leadership when this obvious mismanagement occurs at every level under him. When he coasts on the few victories he has under his belt and ignores the myriad of problems that he has created as a result of these "victories."

8:54 PM

Blogger The View From The Left said...

The View from the Left is a biased blog, but it (or at least it shouldn't be) shouldn't tell lies. Thank you very much bloodandink for bringing some of Governor Warner's problems during his term to my attention. Obviously, you are much more knowledgable about him having lived in Virginia and experiencing his term first hand. Thanks a lot for the comment.

9:09 PM

Blogger BloodandInk said...

Nor should it tell lies. It's an admirable standard to hold yourself to. Your comment about Bush in the late 90's is worth looking into, for my part, as I'm curious to see just how he mismanaged things in that term.

Since you lived in Texas during Bush's term as governer, it's definately given you the opportunity to take a more intimate look at the way Bush handles things. That kind of persepctive is often the best. Among the most insightful, anyway.

Considering Warner is being touted for a possible canidacy, I'm going to watch this very closely. Four years ahead of schedule, even. I'd rather see any number of people in office before Mr. Warner. But what do I know? After all, I thought (and hoped) Wes Clark had a shot.

11:10 PM

Blogger The View From The Left said...

I supported Wes Clark in 04 as well, and will take a hard look at him if he decides to run in 2008 as well, though right now I remain with Warner, I appreciate the information you gave me on him.

6:16 AM


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