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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

End of the Year Awards: Part II

Now to the worlds of sports and entertainment.

Top Ten Films of 2004, in no order (obviously, I have not seen every great film -- especially one's that have not yet come out -- so this list is definitely subject to change):
The Motorycle Diaries, Spanglish, Kill Bill Volume 2, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sideways, I Heart Huckabees, Collateral, Fahrenheit 9/11, Napoleon Dynamite, Ocean's 12.

Once I get a chance to see films like The Aviator, Ray, Hotel Rwanda, etc.; this list will no doubt change. So stay tuned.

Guilty Pleasures of 2004: Films I am embarrased to say I liked.
Anchorman, The Day After Tomorrow, Mean Girls, Napoleon Dynamite, Dodgeball, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

My Favorite Three Albums of the Year:

College Dropout by Kanye West. This album is amazing, it really is. It has some really powerful tracks, including the popular Jesus Walks. Kanye West understands and knows what he is rapping about, and I look forward to his second album.

The Revolution Starts ... Now by Steve Earle. This album will go into the time capsule for 2004. It sums up the feelings all of us Democrats were feeling last summer (when the album was recorded): when everything felt possible, everything felt urgent and everything felt important. All those feelings were right, but not all of them were fulfilled. Pop in Earle's CD and it will take you back to a simpler time before W's 2.0 was about to begin.

Genius Loves Company by Ray Charles & Friends. Ray Charles would be smiling at the reaction from his last album, which features the talents of stars like Van Morrison and Norah Jones. The best track on the album is Crazy Love with Charles and Morrison. Crazy Love makes the album worth its $13 bucks alone, but the rest of it ain't too shabby either.

Coach of the Year (any sport) : Dennis Franchione, Football, Texas A&M. Coach Fran took a 4-8 team that lacked discipline and turned them into a solid 7-4 team that came within a touchdown of beating OU and played Texas a good game. Three of the Aggies four losses were against top six teams (the other against Baylor). Fran's coaching job in 2004 is one for the ages. Good job, Coach.

Team of the Year (any sport) : UConn Basketball Teams, Men & Women's. Winning both the men and women's NCAA championship is a feat we will not see done again unless Texas Coach Rick Barnes can get his team together this year. We will see.

Athlete of the Year (any sport): LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers. Two years ago he was in high school, and now he is on the brink of becoming the NBA's best player. Two years ago the Cavs were bottom-dwellers, now -- with James leading the way -- they are the East's second or third best team. Way to go King James on saving the NBA.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more Best of 2004.


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