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Saturday, December 18, 2004

End of the Year Awards: Part I

As the year winds down, and Christmas weighs upon us, I find it neccesary to look back on the year that was. For many of us, those who supported John Kerry and thought that hope was on the way, this year ended on a sour note. November 2, 2004: a day which will live in infamy. I am serious. We, the American people, made a choice that will live -- and thousands of our brave men and women will die by -- with. It was the wrong choice.

The last twelve months have been overwhelming to say the least. It started with Dean's scream in Iowa and ended, well, it hasn't quite ended yet. I'm willing to bet something else happens in the last two weeks of 2004. Maybe another Bush nominee will drop out (sorry Kerik, but I'm not really sorry) or another Democrat will hint that he is thinking about throwing his towel in the ring for 2008 (a new, kinder form of Joementum: Joe Biden 2008).

Whatever happens, we will not be surprised. We have seen it all in 2004, and we have lived -- most of us -- to see 2005. May you have a great holiday. Without further ado, here is the first installment The First Annual The View from the Left Best of The Year Awards. Today's focus is Blogs, Books and TV News.

Best Blog: DailyKos. What can I say that has not already been said? Markos himself is a fine writer and a keen political observer, but it is the community, I mean Kossacks, that make DailyKos what it is. Some of the best writing I see on the internet is on Kos diaries, and I'm not kidding. Let's hope they keep it up in 2005.

Best Texas Blog: The Burnt Orange Report. This was one of the first blogs I ever read. It was October 2003. I didn't really even know what a blog was, and I stumbled across BOR. Since then, it has grown considerably. Its biggest break so far has been the "is Rick Perry gay?" rumor, but that certainly has not come to define BOR. The site is a consistently honest blog that features several writers, most notably Byron L and Karl-T. Though all BOR writers do a good job, these two seem to be the standouts. Look for more from BOR in 2005.

Funniest Blog: Wonkette. If you know politics, aren't afraid of laughing, hate Republicans (or at least dislike them), than you will probably laugh out loud reading Ana Marie Cox's Wonkette. To be blunt, it is hilarious. They did a great job on the 2004 election and have continued their humor in a hazy, post-election world with great success. There's no reason why it won't continue well into 2005.

Funniest Political Book: AMERICA: THE BOOK by the Daily Show. Go ... buy it ... now. I would tell you more, but I don't want to ruin it.

Best News Website: MSNBC. For awhile, I hoped this was our answer to Faux News, but it certainly isn't impartial. You see my friends, it isn't the media that is Liberally biased. Fuck no, they have been moving to the right since Clinton got into office. No, it is the truth that is Liberally biased. As long as MSNBC, with top dog Keith Olbermann esposing knowledge and throwing down GOP bullshit, reports the truth, than there's nothing to worry about.

Worst News Website: FOX NEWS. It looks like a damn tabloid. And the writing is similar to the quality of that of a tabloid as well. "Wonderful" writers like Carl Cameron (the guy who said Kerry was a metrosexual) always have something to say, though it usually is completely ridiculous and often times just plain incoherent. The bullshit needs to stop, cause its starting to smell bad.

Best News Show: -TIE- COUNTDOWN w/ KEITH OLBERMANN and ANDERSON COOPER 360. Both newsmen know their shit. They have a clear passion for what they do, and seem to be continually searching for a big story. They, unlike many of their colleagues, do not look like they can't wait to get home and go to sleep. Olbermann is constantly cracking jokes, but unlike the always smirking Aaron Brown, Olbermann is actually funny. And I mean very funny. Cooper has the potential to be the star of CNN, and I would argue he might already be it. As Olbermann's ratings go up and Cooper takes on the Christian Right and almost comes out to say he is gay, they will both have huge 2005's, and they both richly deserve it.

Worst News Show: YOUR WORLD w/ NEIL CAVUTO. This show is just fucking embarrasing. It really is. I only have watched it a few times, and only to laugh in Cavuto's face. I first watched it during the Iraq war when Cavuto -- who doesn't know shit about war and doesn't know shit about anything really -- interviewed military expert after expert asking the same stupid ass questions that you would expect from someone named Neil Cavuto. I can only hope Your World with Neil Cavuto will be canceled in the next year.

Best Fake News Show: THE DAILY SHOW w/ JON STEWART. What else?

Next on The First Annual The View from the Left Best of The Year Awards will be Sports, Movies, TV, Video Games, Politicians, and any more shit I can think up. Stay tuned, as long as Neil Cavuto isn't on. If Cavuto is on, then go ahead and watch him and laugh in his face. That's right, please, go ahead.


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